That was cool. Hahaha, joking! Can’t believe my eyes, I’m losin’ my mind, for sure. Ya believe it? 10-0? The Packers, wauw, incredible game, amazing teamplay, the defense is a little bit better, but they got a lot on interceptions, but hey, that is amazing!

The game was .. pff.. still feelin my heart pumping. It really got on my nerves. My head was almost in to my laptopscreen, because I coudn’t miss a thing. The plays, don’t let me started. They were great. I feel kinda bad for Rodgers, he was pissed off about that interception, and he is right.

We got a couple injuries, a few bad ones, McCartney said, he will tell us tomorrow more, mh, that doesn’t sound good. I hope that I thought it was Jennings, will be ok, and that he play the game against the Lions.

The game is about three days and 19 hours! Hell Yea! Can’t wait, I really can’t wait. Always when the game finished, I can’t wait till the next game, addicted. I know, haha. Go Pack Go!