Let’s talk about the game last thursday, Thanksgiving, turkeyday! Ok, not for me, those bastards gave ma not a turkey, but a day on school. Thanks, I guess. But in the end, I got rewarded with a amazing game! The first quarter, crap, I was 2 minutes late, so I missed the kickoff. Nothin’ really happend, kinda boring, cuz I coudn’t wait about the incredible touchdowns from Aaron Rodgers! Hell Yea!

The second quarter, that is what I was talkin’ about. Intercepted by Clay Matthews, oh yea! Rodgers came back on the field, passed it to Jennings, and that my friend was a amazing touchdown! I was so happy, wow, cant subscribe that!

The third quarter, wow shit, what the hell was goin on?! Suh tha douche. He really is, make up false excuses. Come on, just tell the truth, almost a couple milion people saw what really happend. He lost control, pussed that guy on his helmet, a couple times and then he also kicked him. Not in the ribs, but on the arm or something. For me, it looks weird. I think that he was a little bit frustrated. Suh, number 90, got disqualified.  I agree. He also need a couple of lessons for anger management.

Rodgers throws that magic ball up to James Jones and we can call that a third touchdown! Later in the game, the ball got intercepted and that is another touchdown. Incredible. And another fieldgoal, but eh.. still some points.

I heard that the other quarterback broke his finger, outch. That sucks, but he was on the field, what a men. Not better than Rodgers, haha come on. He is tha men! I hope that tonight, about 6 minutes, the Packers will be better, greater and stronger, that they are gonna beat those Gaints douchebags. So let the GAME BEGIN! Go Pack Go!

Go Pack Go Rodgers Suh Aaron 12 James Jones Interception 11-0 12-0 Gaints New York Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers Jennings Matthews Clay Fight Disqualified Anger management Go Pack Go!


That was cool. Hahaha, joking! Can’t believe my eyes, I’m losin’ my mind, for sure. Ya believe it? 10-0? The Packers, wauw, incredible game, amazing teamplay, the defense is a little bit better, but they got a lot on interceptions, but hey, that is amazing!

The game was .. pff.. still feelin my heart pumping. It really got on my nerves. My head was almost in to my laptopscreen, because I coudn’t miss a thing. The plays, don’t let me started. They were great. I feel kinda bad for Rodgers, he was pissed off about that interception, and he is right.

We got a couple injuries, a few bad ones, McCartney said, he will tell us tomorrow more, mh, that doesn’t sound good. I hope that I thought it was Jennings, will be ok, and that he play the game against the Lions.

The game is about three days and 19 hours! Hell Yea! Can’t wait, I really can’t wait. Always when the game finished, I can’t wait till the next game, addicted. I know, haha. Go Pack Go!

Packers Go Pack Go Tampa Bay Greenbay Green Bay Packers Packers Pack Aaron Rodgers Jordy Nelson Jennings Rodgers Aaron Greg 12 87 85

I survived.

It’s a miracle, but I survived. What about you? Are you still alive after the byeweek? It’s over, hell yea! About time. I almost died, I really did. The game is about to begin, about 30 minutes, cant wait! I waited for like two whole weeks, TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Now they are back and kicking, for sure. Rodgers needs to focus, Jennings needs to catch or Driver. The Defense needs to hit those San Diego Douchebags and it’s 8-0! GO PACK GO!

Packers Vs San Diego SD Green Bay Rodgers Driver Jennings 12 Football American Football Green Bay Packers Packer Go Pack Go