Injured, but still hella handsome. Get well soon Aaron. 

Injured, but still hella handsome. Get well soon Aaron. 



Aftertalk; Packers Vs. Vikings

I didn’t upload after the game, because it was something like, ehm, 5:30 PM? For sure. I was tired like hell, mad at the same time, but the Packers WON! Incredible, how do they did that? It’s now 9-0. Amazing. Up to the 10-0! Cant wait till Sunday, next game. Sunday, GAMEDAY. I like that. When it’s monday, I got something to look forward, makes me feel good. Haha. Let’s talk about the game!

The Vikings were kinda upset, so funny. Kinda sad. Still funny. The first half of the game was terrible for me. I watched it, but didn’t pay any attention cuz my charger went down, like for real. Ok, it shoudn’t been a big deal if it broke down in the last minutes, because I had a few backup minutes, but it broke down on the first third minutes. I went insane. I cancalled a lot for the game, haha, school, skipped that part. But I was tired like hell, made a lot of things, so I could enjoy my moment with the Packers, but hell naw, Karma was not on my side.. I was trying to make it but blbablabla. Took another charger, failed, and a other one, that amazing thing did it! But then the second half began, so I missed a lot. I watched it, but being busy, so I only saw some little pieces. You know what I mean.

The second half was amazing, felt great! All those Packersfan were going insane in the stadium, screaming and yelling, GO PACK GO. Incredible. I really wanna be there, one day, I will. But back to the game, haha. Those touchdowns were amazing. The plays were mind-blowing, but put Rodgers on the field, you get a mind-blowing game. Jennings on his side, MIND-BLOWING. Driver on his side, MIND-BLOWING. On the end of the game, Flynn tooks Rodgers’ place, but he also did a amazing job. Flynn is a great quarterback, but Rodgers, ya, he is MIND-BLOWING. Haha, it was a awesome game, it really made my day. 45-7. GO PACK GO!

Packers Vs. Vikings.

It’s Gameday! Go Pack Go!

No Gameday Today.

Sunday, no Pack-day. I will call that a hardtime, no football, fail. Bat ahay, mondaynight, eh, day? evening? I mean for me 3 am. Haha, you call me crazy right? True that, no, just a Packersfan!

I can’t wait, I hope that Lang is gonna get his revenge on Ribison, the douchebag, who kicked him in the balls. The Vikings are on a lot of pressure, you saw that in the last game with the Packers. They already lost like 6 games, oetch.

Pack, I mean back to the Packers, haha! The Packers are kinda good.. no not good like amazing! What can I say more about that? The game is great, the pressure is high, but eh, it’s all about the Superbowl! I hope that we are gonna get te 9-0! I will see you tomorrow, because it’s Gameday on Monday!